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Out in the bush

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

Fulani Shonong village We’ve met some Fulani herdsmen out in the bush in the village of Shonong, district of Bachit, Plateau State. Ab has been there for a couple of days now and has managed to get aquainted with quite a few people already. They are kind of wary towards strangers. The first family we dropped in on were shy and distant, since the head of the family was out since dawn (with his cattle?). Quite an awkward situation arose when one of the younger men yelled to the more curious younger boys and women to get away from us. The second group we met was a lot more friendly and receptive. The main man was there and silently approved all this, it seemed. Beautiful landscape too. Seems like great place to work!
Fulani boys

Joe showing his handset

Friday, December 1st, 2006

kablog-j2me 2.0.8 for Nokia6233

This is an older pic shot in Jos. I was out on Ahmadu Bello Way talking to some people selling all kinds of addon items for mobile phones. Joe here was very fond of his very small handset. Before this one he owned two earlier models.

Cartographic section of the Ministry of Lands Survey

Friday, December 1st, 2006

Maps of Nigeria

Dini and Jaap, the incredibly hospitable Dutch couple in Jos where we are staying, gave us one of their many golden tips that the Ministry of Lands Survey & Town Planning sells beautiful old maps. We arrived by okado just a little before 16:00, when everyone was just leaving the premises after a hard day’s work.. Luckily we talked two men into at least showing us some of the maps.

The state these maps are kept in is just ridiculous: dusty, half-eaten by 137 generations of rodents, yellowish from moisture, rolled up and thrown under a table, etc. Tomorrow we will go there early and see if we can find anything useful for the area we plan to do research on Fulani herdsmen. Good and detailed maps are hard to find. Ab Drent, our good man in Nigeria, has been able to contact some groups of Fulani and will introduce us there this Saturday, insh’allah/deo volente.

Visiting cows on the Vom Dairy Farm

Friday, December 1st, 2006


Believe it or not, these are real Dutch cows in the heart of Nigeria. They were once imported by the Dutch-owned WAMCO company, producers of Peak Dairy, to experiment with milk production within the country itself. The farm changed owners.

Mobile phone shops are everywhere

Friday, December 1st, 2006

Mobile Phone boot

Anywhere you go, people have started their own enterprise by putting up a parasol and a table. When you want to make a phone call but don’t have a phone or are out of credit, you can make one here for 20-25 naira. These guys told me anyone can now start a small business here selling phone calls and cards.
Another great example of increasing value by number: the more there are available, the more it becomes a truly useful service that fills up a need. The whole question of having a phone yourself is perhaps less relevant when you can always use a phone to make a quick call.