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Second attempt to download the GPS collar data

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

After some phone calls with the manufacturer “Followit” in Sweden, they advised us to separate the collar from the battery, and leave both components in a warm spot to dry. Since the display notification was still on, it was likely that the data in the collar was safe… But it would have been to time-consuming to send the collar to Sweden, to have it downloaded in the factory. So we had to try to get the data out here. After using some force, we managed to separate the two and leave them to dry.


At least I could do now something and hope!


Tijmen tests the cow collar

Friday, December 19th, 2008


Nigerian minister of finance on mobile phone market

Friday, June 1st, 2007

(via SmartMobs)

The former Nigerian minister of finance Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala promotes investment in Africa. One of the interesting examples she gives is the privatization and rapid growth of the telecom market in Nigeria, from 4300 landlines to over 32 million mobile phone subscriptions. Although she doesn’t mention the name, there is clearly a sense of “Glo with Pride” in her talk. Glo is a domestic mobile phone enterprise closing in on South Africa’s MTN and still growing. Their slogan appeals to Nigerian pride: “we can do it ourselves”.

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Skip to the section starting at 8:00 where she talks about the telecom and mobile phone market in Nigeria:

Biological fuel for mobile phone antennas in Africa

Thursday, October 12th, 2006


My Blog has been silent for a while, which in my case is an indication of doing lots of things at the moment…  I found this post on interesting, since the media artist Esther Polak and I will be going to Africa (Nigeria) in a couple of weeks for the art/science project NomadicMILK. It’s a project about mobility patterns amongst nomadic Fulani herdsmen and WAMCO truck drivers. We will be traveling with cultural anthropologist Ab Drent, who has done a 10-month research project amongst the Fulani in northern Cameroon in 2000/2001.

We will try to visualize the uses of space by both nomads and truckers by means of GPS and find out whether the use of the mobile phone influences their use and experience of space. There is  a preliminary website for the project NomadicMILK with more info about the project.

Anyway, here’s the article:

Pumpkin power dawns for African mobile phone networks
Palm and pumpkin seed oil could soon be generating electricity to help power mobile phone networks across Africa under a plan to replace fossil fuels with sustainable biofuels made from crops grown by local farmers. Reuters reports.
“Swedish telecoms networks group Ericsson and South African cellphone operator MTN said on Wednesday they want to start replacing diesel with biofuels in electricity generating stations powering mobile phone base stations in rural Africa.

“Swedish telecoms networks group Ericsson and South African cellphone operator MTN said on Wednesday they want to start replacing diesel with biofuel in electricity generating stations powering mobile phone base stations in rural Africa.”


——- update ———
Mobileafrica confirms that several players work on a pilot project in Nigeria:

The MTN Group, the GSM Association and Ericsson have teamed up to establish biofuels as an alternative source of power for wireless networks in the developing world. The three organisations have set up a pioneering project in Nigeria to demonstrate the potential of biofuels to replace diesel as a source of power for mobile base stations located beyond the reach of the electricity grid.

Science-Art project NWO: mobile art

Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

The NWO programme “Transformaties in Kunst en Cultuur” (Transformations in Art and Culture) (website poorly updated) is starting a science-art project (Geestesoog NWO #3 Sept. 2005 3-5 PDF file in Dutch) to research the interplay between academic study of new cultural developments and art. Academic research that receives sponsorship from the NWO has been invited to contribute ideas. Our research project ‘Playful Identities’ too has been asked to come up with one or more science-art proposals.
While I was looking for projects that have something to do with mobile technologies, science and art, I found a couple of results that can be categorised into either mobile films or locative art.

category short films/animations for mobile devices:
Mobile Fest Festival for Short Film
Pocketshorts Funding for Short Film makers
Mobilemediafest Short Film Award
Cellflix Festival for Short Film

category locative:
The Milk project
Amsterdam Realtime
Graz Mobile Landscape (see earlier post)
Interdisciplinary project on mobile media and surveillance