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Mobile phones for sale in Abuja supermarket

Saturday, July 29th, 2006

MP sale Abuja

Pic taken November 27 2006 at Abuja supermarket.

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WAMCO distribution centre in Jos

Friday, July 21st, 2006

Here is Mr. Dominic busy talking through his handset.

Mr. Dominic in Jos

Business in Nigeria has changed a lot with the advent of the mobile phone. It has become much easier to arrange logistics and deal with customers. It comes at a price however. First, costs are very high for most people. Mr. Dominic spends between 10.00 – 15.000 naira a month on mobile phone use (approx. 60 – 95 euros). One of his colleagues we spoke to – running a retail shop with many different customers – even claimed to pay up to 30.000 naira a month! And another cost is that while the mobile phone gives individual freedom to communicate and engage in business, it also places a heavy burden on one’s shoulders, since family and friends are now constantly calling for help and support, even when far away. So, paradoxically,  mobile telephone technology in the west-African context seems to promote individual possibilities and entrepreneurship and a discourse of modernity, while at the same time being a medium that provides possibilities for stronger reliance on one’s social circle and strengthens tradition.

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WAMCO can factory

Friday, July 14th, 2006

What is it about factories that makes them so visually appealing?
Yesterday shortly after our arrival we visited the WAMCO can factory, which is almost as big as the milk factory itself. All the cans that are used for PEAK Milk are made here and will be spread all over Nigeria, being a network in itself.
And we are going to map this out!

can factory 01

can factory 03

can factory 04

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Hamaz mobile phone shop in Jos

Saturday, July 1st, 2006

Hamaz mobile phone shop

Strange name indeed for a phone vendor. They sell all kinds of moderately recent phones there, from 4900 naira (= 30 euros) up to 45000 naira. Odd behavior by the guy behind the desk too. He did not seem to want to sell us a phone at all. According to Ab, this is a much wanted item among the Fulani!

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