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Setting up – opening day

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Holy Fire at Imal: “Media Mirror” of Alexei Shulgun and Aristarkh Chernyshev

Today Ivar and I found time to visit Brussels before the opening of Update02 at 21:00 in Gent.
We visited the exhibition Holy Fire at Imal, were we played around with the “Media Mirror” by Alexei Shulgun and Aristarkh Chernyshev.

Exhibition at Argos: No place - like home: Ursula Biemann “Sahara Chronicle” and Ivanov Pradoliub “Transformation always takes time and energy”

Later we also visited the exhibition “No Place – like Home: Perspectives on migration in Europe” at Argos. Especially the work by Ursula Biemann, “Sahara Chronicle”, turned out to be of interest for me: it also deals with issues of mobility, but focuses mainly on African-European migration. The work consists of a series of short videos: all small portraits of the nodes in the chain of migration, showing it as an everyday practice, a way of life….

All the projects in the exhibition had this approach more ore less, and it made me thinking of something I had wondered about before….

In The Netherlands a book by the former Middle East correspondent Joris Luyendijk was recently published, “Het zijn net mensen” (Almost Human). The main conclusion of this provocative book is that our image of the Middle East is colored by all kinds of filters. One of the most important of these, for the written press as well as the visual media, are television networks. The book tries to reveal the filters themselves, and thus the difficulties of nuanced journalism and the impossibility of a naïve audience seeing trough these mechanisms, let alone getting a real idea of what the world outside the democratic fortress of Europe really looks like. For me it is somewhat frustrating that this argument totally neglects the works of artists like presented in this show. I would like to drag Joris Luyendijk to this exhibition, and show him there is more to representing the world than mainstream journalism alone. Everybody who did read the book, and feels frustrated now about these information filters, is a potential audience for shows like this, but how will we make the two worlds -art and journalism –really meet?

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