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Looking back on the Transmediale

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Transmediale presentation

What a ride! Jumping straight from Africa to Berlin was interesting, to say the least. Africa is a humbling experience. After an intense construction period our installation was ready, just in time. I think it looked great, and anytime I went to check if the sand-trails on the ground were still ok, there were always people engaging with it. It’s a good sign really: we drew them in. There was also plenty of talk about the project. The Berlin media picked up on it, but most interesting to me was the talk at the Transmediale itself, as it pointed to the problem with activism and art: the great thing about art is that it doesn’t have to be activistic. It can show real life, while activists do their thing. Ironically, that is an equally functionalist description in a sense, as it is clearly a useful thing to get people to connect to Africa on a more everyday-life level, it gets them involved. Anyone who, at the Transmediale, saw the video of Mr. Idiris and his response to his own track must have recognised something of themselves in him. By that I don’t just mean his talks of travel, but moreso his infectuous joie-de-vivre.