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Making monoprints 2010

Friday, April 9th, 2010

April 2010 – We’ve made monoprints of all the routes we collected in Nigeria! One week of hard labor in a beautiful hall in Deventer resulted in six fantastic sets of twelve monoprints.
The monoprints can be viewed (and ordered) here.


_IVB1182-making-of-NM-prints _IVB1083-making-of-NM-prints

_IVB1178-making-of-NM-prints _IVB1068-making-of-NM-prints

_IVB1065-making-of-NM-prints _IVB1062-making-of-NM-prints

_IVB1060-making-of-NM-prints _IVB1053-making-of-NM-prints


The Nomadic MILK mono-prints are made by a unique printing procedure: The robot is used to draw the sand tracks over pieces of canvas, in exactly the same way as it was done during the workshops in Nigeria. After the sand drawings are finished, graffiti spray-paint is used to color the background. After a couple of hours of drying it is possible to remove the sand with a soft piece of cloth. This reveals a razor-sharp white image of the tracks where every grain of sand stands out as a uniquely placed white pixel.