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Artist Talk at AAF

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Toye Gbade Oloyede, Ayoola Gbolahan and Esther Polak.

In the afternoon a group of about 15 people gathered at the AAF. The idea was to discuss the NomadicMILK project in depth, as there never seems to be a chance for this during an opening.

I decided to start the “Artist Talk” with a short introduction to my work. I showed some slides of other work and explained how the NomadicMILK installation was inspired by the history of landscape painting and by the conceptual and land-art of the sixties and seventies.
After this introduction we experienced the installation for about 20 minutes.

Akinwolere Muijiwa and Fatai Adewale

We started the discussion with some questions about how the robot works, and how the mono prints were made. As they do not resemble familiar spray-paint pieces, but rather photographic images, I had to explain the technical details about how they were made. The atmosphere of a true “Artist Talk” is established.

Heymann Ogbem: “What I like about this exhibition is that it makes you an actor and a spectator. I never thought about recalling my tracks before, let alone having to explain my routes. You can follow the man as he is tracing his track, all by himself. It takes him through a precise process that you can follow. You are really in the field. Imagine if you would be able record all of your tracks: that would be a new form of expression.”

Ayoola Gbolahan: “Did you ever track animals? I imagine with animal tracks the result gets more abstract.”
Esther: “Ivar and I did a piece on sheep this year in Scotland. We tracked grazing sheep and a dog rounding them up. The result was indeed a more abstract piece.”
Aisha Idirish: “This is a new medium to approach landscape, with GPS. Are there other artists working like this? Or is it just you?”


Screening in Abuja

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010


The delegation from the village arrives by minibus. Later people from WAMCO Nigeria also arrive at the Gubabi Royal Hotel, in the center of Abuja.


When everybody is seated we can start the program.

Suleiman and I explain how we have organized the program. We will show the project video, stopping it from time to time so Suleiman can do an improvised translation.



Ivar and Mr. Idiris enjoy some scenes.

After the screening we have a Q and A session.


Like the one we had in the village two days before, the discussion was very interesting. I will try to describe both better in a separate post.

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Visiting the village

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

This morning we drove up to the village, to see Mr. Idiris, his family and the other villagers. We were a little nervous, because for Esther it was the first time after a year, for me the first time ever. But since I’d seen all the video material and the clips over and over again, I recognized all of them the first instant I saw them. It was like stepping through the screen into the real world. We were greeted with the greatest hospitality, and all were very glad to see Esther again.

After having greeted Mr Idiris and Amina and a few others, we were invited into Mr. Idiris’s home. There he first showed me the stick I made for him a year ago, and that Esther presented to him on my behalf. He told us that he had been using it ever since, and that is what it looked like – properly used.

More villagers came to greet us, and after we handed out the presents we brought for everybody we finally started the DVD of Nomadic MILK, for a room full of men and Binta, one of the participating women, and some 40 children in front of the entrance.

They all liked seeing the result of the work Esther did on her former visits, and afterwords we had a long discussion on farming, milk production, education and the purpose of working on a art project like this.

We invited the people from the village for the screening in Abuja on Tuesday, the day after tomorrow (or “nexttomorrow”, as people say here), and after the warmest farewells we left again. To be honest, I have never before experienced a warmer welcome than here.


All the children gather outside..


….but after a while the grown-ups decide it is easier to let them in.


And we continue watching in peace!

Arrival in Abuja

Saturday, November 6th, 2010


Suleiman and James help us check in at the hotel. Tomorrow we go to the village to show the project results to Mr. Idiris, Binta, Amina, Samaila and their family.

Opening at AAF

Friday, November 5th, 2010


Opening speech by Omotayo Adeola

Esther hands over two prints to Bob Steetkamp (WAMCO Nigeria) and Hans Leenders (Dutch embassy) for the Dutch Foreign Ministry and WAMCO company art collections



First visitors


Last check before opening