Some Amsterdam-based robot tracks

Esther is testing the robot testing

Today and yesterday we fine-tuned the robot performance once again. As it turns out: improvement is always possible.


We tested it with one of Tijmen’s recent shopping tracks. Only Tijmen can explain what he was actually doing….

Yep! We made this (still) picture with the balloon.


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  1. Tijmen says:

    Well Esther, I was shopping.

    Let’s have a look at the track.

    In the photo the robot is positioned at our workspace. Form there I started biking to the top-right. Because it takes the GPS tracker a minute to get a decent satellite fix, the first part of my circular journey is hence missing. It starts to properly record at the top-right where the line is a double line. I biked to the north-east to a sporting goods store. From there I backtracked and turned right, which then starts the longest straight-ish line in the picture. At the end of that line I bought some videotapes. Then I went to the southwest, where I promptly got stuck at a road obstruction and had to backtrack again, which turned into that white busy bit at the bottom right. From there on I biked back to the workspace.

    It’s bafflingly precise, making it impossible for me not to recognise my trip. Go Edwin!

  2. Aiden Barnes says:

    This has to be my second favorite article of the week, i can’t tell you
    the top, it may offend you!

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