Workshop with the distributors

The distributors with whom we did a workshop, including Mr. Usman, whose track was on display, were a surprisingly lively bunch. It turned out they were all old university buddies. I was surprised to find university graduates driving trucks, but apparently in Nigeria you can’t be too picky (or too Peaky for that matter, even the truck drivers were happy to be associated with that brand).The robot performed admirably. By that I don’t mean that the track looks as it should; I’ve gotten used to that excitement. What I mean is that in this track the robot really was an actor on a stage, because it paused for long periods of time at the places where we had resupplied the shops. This emphasised that it wasn’t just scaled down in space, but also in time. It’s not just a drawing, it’s a performance, a re-enactment. I wonder if there are other stop-n-go groups that would be interesting to track.



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