First collar data download

After two weeks we met Purdy, the collared cow, again, in an opportunity to download the first collar data. Although Purdy was picked for her mild disposition, she still needed to be caught with a rope and had to be held on the ground to undergo the procedure. Tijmen connected the USB cable to Purdy‘s collar, and sat next to her with his laptop to download the data.
Purdy tried to free herself a few times, but the herders managed to keep her down and Tijmen managed to keep the cable, laptop and his nerves under control. So we managed to finish the procedure relatively fast, and now we have thirteen days of herding and one day of migration data on our hard disk.


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  1. Great initiative! Could you please give a few details on the gps collar? (what GPS, battery life, how the cow supports it, etc..). I am going to do something like that here in Senegal. Thanks!

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