Removing the GPS collar


Last year we left one of Mr. Idiris’s cows with a GPS collar. I am very exited to remove the GPS collar from the cow. One of the objectives of this trip was to download the data and do a workshop with Mr. Idiris, based on the collar data. Those data should show his transhumance trip of the last rainy season, and as he explained last year he had been planning to go to Kaduna. So I was very curious to find out what was in the collar.

Mr. Idiris has been taking extremely good care of the collar. He explained that the red blinking light on the collar evoked questions from other Fulani. But he always told them that the collar was noting special, and he did not give away much in response to those questions.

At another point the rubber of the collar belt wore out, so the collar had been lost. After three days of searching Mr. Idiris found it, repaired the belt, and re-mounted the collar on one of the bulls, as he planned to sell Purdy anyway. He wondered if three days of without movement might have damaged the data. I assured him that that was not the case.

What worried me more after scrutinizing the collar, was that the USB socket of the collar seemed to be damaged….

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  2. Joe Walsh says:

    I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate your post.

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