Workshop on rainy season with Mr. Idiris


We start by making the robot drawing based on Mr. Idiris’s trip on Thursday, when he did his shopping for Sallah (the Festival of Sacrifice). As the data clearly shows, he covered a lot of kilometers on his motorbike, buying rice but also visiting markets just for the enjoyment of it.

After discussing this trip, I explain the situation with the collar to Mr. Idiris. As he took such good care of it, I feel a really bad about breaking the news. I also explain that we still expect the data to be downloaded, but that we need to send the collar to Sweden first, and this will take time.
In order to still discuss the rainy season transhumance route with Mr. Idiris now, we asked him to please draw the route by memory, and explain as best as he can what happened on the route.


In order for him to do this, I prepared a bottle with sand, with a special, slightly larger hole in the lid, as I expected Mr. Idiris to want to make his drawing fast.  (He does everything fast!)

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