Late at night

Tomorrow we have a workshop with Mr. Idiris, so I give the downloading of the collar data a final try. But it does not work. At first, I don’t know what to do.

Thinking about our experience with the workshop with Binta today, where we based our discussion on the relation between two tracks, I decide to try something similar. The Thursday track we collected from Mr. Idiris could maybe serve as a starting point, and in connection with this track I could ask Mr. Ideris to draw his rainy season transhumance route by hand. As we had no usable GPS data, this seemed to be the best option.

The main thing is to find out about his experiences during this trip, and I force myself remember that the use of the robot was primarily a means to this end. I try to keep this firmly in mind and not be to discouraged by the disappointment about the lack of access to the collar data.

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