4 Press and Publications

-Navigating e-culture publication, Virtueel Platform:
Traversing the Route: from MediaMarkt to Cameroon. Esther Polak in conversation with Annet Dekker

-Neural, issue 33, summer, 2009: Esther Polak interview

-Een podlood dat over de aarde beweegt, Tracy Metz, NRC (newspaper) 06-03-2009 (Dutch)

-Deep North Transmediale catalog, 2009: Traversing the route : From Mediamarket to Cameroon. Annet Dekker in conversation with Esther Polak

– Mac Luhan neu lesen, Derrick de Kerckhoven, Martina Leeker, Kerstin Smit edit. Transcript Verlag, 2008;
Kunst und GPS. Esther Polaks lokative Kunst. By Arie Altena (German)

-International Biennial Digital Art UPDATE II  Exhibition catalog. Curated by: Peter Weibel/Stef Van Bellingen/Isolde de Buck

-CO-OPs, Interterritoriale verkenningen in kunst en wetenschap2007 Team 4: NomadicMILK uitgave De Buitenkant 2007 ism NWO Geesteswetenschappen (Dutch/English)

-UN/FAIR TRADE,  Die Kunst der Gerechtigkeit,  NomadicMILK, Esther Polak,  Exhibition catalog Neue Gallerie, Graz, 2007

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