2 About us

NomadicMILK is an art project that is executed by the artist Esther Polak and a small team. The project is produced by the foundation Beelddiktee, in co-production with NIMk Amsterdam

Esther Polak is a new-media artist working in the field of locative media.

She is best known from her earlier projects AmsterdamREALTIME and MILKproject

Edwin Dertien is an independent robot developer.

Floris Maathuis works on the robot software development.

Dirk Kruyder Video Editor

Hans Veldkamp was the cameraman (photo and video)  during our fieldwork trip in November-December, 2009

Ivar van Bekkum Production

Bing Ie Freelance Producer

Aske Hopman Production Website.

Aske is an interaction consultant combining concept development with tech/project management. He worked together with Esther Polak on the earlier AmsterdamREALTIME and had a small advisory role with MILKproject.

Bente Bourgondien Website Design

Don Mader English text corrections

Aliyu Momale guide and interpreter, fieldwork trip, January, 2009

Musa Manu Suleiman guide and interpreter, fieldwork trip, November, 2009

Tijmen Schep cameraman (photo and video), blogger and all-around helper during our fieldwork trip, January, 2009

Michiel de Lange is mobile technology PhD researcher. His collaboration took place in the framework of Co-Ops.

Ab Drent is an independent ecological anthropologist. His collaboration took place in the research phase of the project and the Cameroon Fieldwork Trip.

download Ab’s paper (.pdf; 2,9 MB) on pastoralism in Cameroon.

Stichting Beelddiktee will do the production in collaboration with:

Pastoral Resolve (PARE) Kaduna, Nigeria: contacts with pastoralist communities

CEDC/CML Haman Unusa, Maroua, Cameroon/Leiden, NL: contacts with pastoralist communities

NIMk, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst Montevideo Time Based Arts -Artist in residence, Esther Polak, Spring, 2009

Mobilefest, Brazil: production, NomadicGrazing fieldwork in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

CO-OP’s provided the framework for Nomadic MILK phase 01.

CO-OP’s, ‘interteritoriale verkenningen in kunst en wetenschap’ is a project initiated by Rob Zwijnenberg at the Netherlands Organization of Scientific Research (NWO).

funding and financial support

Mondriaan Foundation



NWO, Netherlands

Friesland Foods

Stichting kfHEIN

Royal Netherlands Embassy, Abuja, Nigeria.

The Netherlands Consulate General Sao Paolo.

Stichting Liedts-Meessen


advice and support:

Saleh Momale, (PARE and Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria)

Ignatio Granel, Abuja, Nigeria

Bisi Silva -curator, Lagos, Nigeria

Saddic Balewa – advice, Jos, Nigeria

Communicating for Change – Lagos, Nigeria

Gerbert van der Aa – journalist, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jaap van Ameele – advice, Jos, Nigeria

Diny Frauenknecht – advice, Jos, Nigeria

Theo Spierings – Friesland Foods, Meppel, Netherlands

Alexander van der Meer – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Daniel Plas – Abuja, Nigeria