5 Calendar

Forthcoming in 2011:

Installation exhibition CCAEA, Nairobi, Kenya, May (reservation)

Presentation of NIMk new media distribution collection, including NomadicMILK, February, Berlin, Germany

Presentation at WU conference 24 January, Leeuwarden, NL
Installation exhibition at Hogeschool Van Hall 24 Jan. – 24 Feb. Larenstein, Leeuwarden. NL


Project Full Page Advertisement at MetropolisM, Dutch magazine

Past events 2010:

Installation Exhibition at AAF 5-11 November, Lagos Nigeria

Video Screening at the 7th Amakula Kampala International Film Festival 2010, 5-11 November, Kampala, Uganda

-Version Nigeria March 18 – 20, 2010
ElectroSmog Amsterdam, NL

-NomadicMILK at Zaal 5 February 3-24, Den Haag, NL

Premiere of the website, and exhibiting of 12 monoprints
2 June – 24 July, 2010
Who’s map is this”
Iniva, London, UK

Past events 2009:

Fieldwork trip Nigeria 23 November – 10 December

-Version Nigeria 13 April – 11 November
Kasteel Groeneveld; Baarn, NL

NIMk artist in residence 15 February – 15 May
project development / GPS software

-Version Nigeria 28 January – 1 February
Transmediale.09 Berlin, Germany

-Fieldwork Trip Nigeria 29 December-22 January

Past events 2008
December 3, Lecture at Mobilisable : une exposition, un colloque;
Paysages technologiques
l’École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs (Ensad) Paris, FR

NomadicMILK Cameroon version 31 October – 14 December
Version bêta
Centre for Contemporary Images ; Saint-Gervais Genève, CH

NomadicMILK Cameroon version
International Biënnale Update II
20 April – 6 July Ghent, Belgium

– Fieldwork trip

– 8 February, presentation CEDC/CML Maroua, Cameroon workshop “People and pixels” and combined fieldwork, Waza Logone floodplain

Past events 2007:

-November 29, Co-ops: book and work-in-progress presentation at Scheltema/Lakenhal, Leiden, NL.

-September 23 – November 25, Exhibition UN/FAIR Trade at Neue Galerie Graz, Austria: see film reportage

-August 12 Presentation at Jongensdromen Peergroup Veenhuizen

-June 28-30 Co-ops: presentation of work-in-progress BAK/Zonneburg, Utrecht, NL

-June 4-6 Robot developing workshop at Peergroup

-May 21 Upgrade! Amsterdam Presentation of robot and research trip film: the online videoregistration of this evening can be found on fabchannel by searching for Upgrade!

Past events 2006:

-19 November -22 December,  Research trip, Nigeria.  Activities:

*presentation about the project at the international conference on the future of transhumance pastoralism in west and central Africa, November 20-24 Abuja

*find and meet our Nigerian counterparts

*meet Fulani families in the Jos region

*research/travel with WAMCO transporters

For a filmed report follow this link to You Tube. If you would like to receive a DVD of the film, please send us an e-mail!

-2 December, Kick-off Co-ops & website BAK, Utrecht (NomadicMILK was present by mobile phone from Nigeria)

-November 24 Docs online presentation by Esther Polak on MILKproject and NomadicMILK

-October 12 Conference ‘Mediawijsheid’: NomadicMILK was presented in the afternoon session as one of the ‘best practice projects’

-June 6 Mobile habits at Virtual Platform in Amsterdam