6 Theory

This page presents a number of theoretical reflections about the project.

A small website, dedicated to Esther Polak’s idea of developing an editing software for GPS data. She will publish all kinds of big and small ideas on the subject and experiments here.

Chapter for Co-Ops book
Michiel de Lange wrote an essay for the NWO Co-Ops publication “CO-OPs: Exploring new territories”. In this chapter some of the central themes of the NomadicMILK project are addressed: mobility, nomadism, and technological mediation. Theoretical perspectives and reflections are connected with experiences from the first research fieldtrip. Read more >>

Old theory page
This was the first theory page of NomadicMILK. Some of the thoughts here have been reworked for the Co-Ops book chapter. Read more >>

Locative Media Club NL – wiki (in Dutch)
This is the wiki of the Dutch Locative Media Club, a loose collective of artists, scientists, media designers and entrepreneurs who are all passionate about locative media. It’s a closed wiki, which means you have to register first. Most of the wiki is in Dutch only… Go there >>